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About Ian

I am a professional photographer based in Salisbury UK, with over 20 years experience in photographing weddings.

It's my mission to ensure that you get great pictures that cover the whole day and successfully tell the story. Most importantly, I capture the feeling - the humour and the emotion of your wedding day, so that you can look back at your album in 20, 30, 40 years time and re-live those cherished moments.

Before your wedding day, I spend time with you - often at your wedding venue, taking pictures and exploring the best locations.

I take photographs that reflect personality and a sense of occasion.

When your wedding day is over, I get straight down to work on the many pictures that have been taken. I select the very best and work on them in PhotoShop and LightRoom - cropping, correcting, enhancing and beautifying - this is where the magic happens!

Once this is done, I upload the pictures to your secure personal gallery which you can share with friends and family.

I also provide all of your pictures in full resolution on DVD or USB Drive.

Most of my clients order prints, wall hangings and/or canvasses. I have access to the finest printing houses in the UK and receive special discounts which I pass on to my customers. Prints can also be ordered on-line via your gallery.

For wedding albums, I use the exclusive Graphi-Studio facility in Italy - www.graphistudio.com who create the most beautiful albums I've seen. Finishes include leather, crystal, metal or fabric covers with a range of colours and styles available. Photographic lay flat page options include Matt, Semi-Gloss, Gloss and Metallic finishes.

To find out more, please call me direct on 07847 409062, or complete the contact form

Wedding Photography Prices:


I include your photographs presented in full resolution on a DVD or USB drive - plus a private on-line gallery so that you can view your wedding photographs in the comfort of your home and share with friends and family. 

You can also purchase prints and wall art - I have negotiated disounts with leading print and wall art suppliers which I am able to pass on.

New for 2018, my pricing structure is even more simple and transparent. I charge by the hour which means a 12 hour day with an assistant photographer is going to cost more than a short ceremony with photographs during and after.

It seems that all professionals (apart from anyone involved in weddings) charge by the hour - and I do the same. 

My Hourly Rate is £70 - This includes all the time spent at your wedding and includes time spent working on your photographs. The minimum time you can book me for is 3 hours, meaning there is a minimum charge of £210.

Whats included? 

Pre-Wedding Shoot is Free - There is a lot to be gained from a pre-wedding shoot. It will usually take place at the wedding venue a month or two before your wedding. You get the pictures free as well and can use them on wedding stationery.

Processing of your photographs - Once your wedding day is over, I get down to processing your photographs and making them extra-special.

Photographs - supplied on DVD or USB in full resolution and private on-line gallery. 

What are the extras?

Extra Photographer - an assistant photographer if required would cost £30 per hour

This means that:
  • A 12 hour (8am to 8pm) wedding day with myself and an assistant photographer and all processing would cost £1,200.
  • A 6 hour (2pm to 8pm) wedding afternoon with me as your photographer would cost £420.

To find out more, please call me direct on 07847 409062, or fill in the contact form